LED lighting

offer an extremely energy efficient solution with a virtually maintenance-free service life that is several times longer than alternative light sources… often exceeding 20 years. LED sources also provide excellent uniformity and a clean, bright white light to enhance color rendering, visual clarity and enhanced security. LED provides “instant-on” capability with no additional time required for startup or restrike. LED luminaires offer a variety of CCT, lumen packages and distribution options to provide the specifier extraordinary flexibility during design. With a high level of efficacy, superior uniformity, low energy consumption, long life and highly intelligent controls compatibility (including dimming), LED is widely considered to be the light source of the foreseeable future. LED light sources can last from 50,000 to 100,000 hours or longer. 

Roots Lighting offers a wide variety of Led products in the following Sectors :

– Street Lighting

– Garden Lighting

– Indoor Lighting