Street & High mast lighting poles

Roots Lighting
offers a wide variety of Hot Dip Galvanized Octagonal and Conical poles with a sturdy base plate. Our H.D.G poles have a galvanizing thickness more than 85 microns (internally and externally). This protective coating ensures long life of the product and does not require periodic painting.


Hot dip galvanized (Greater than 85 microns) internally and externally.
• Sleek, elegant and pleasing aesthetics with flushed door.
• Bracket design as per customer requirements. (on request at extra cost)
• Ease of maintenance.
• Does not require periodic painting.
• Long life. (Estimated life is 15 to 20 years) Mounting Bracket

Roots Lighting can supply galvanized arm brackets along with spigots matching with different types of poles and as per customer requirements. Typical arrangement and dimensional details for single arm and double arm bracket along with spigot suitable for different types of poles .


1- Street Lighting
2- Open area Lighting
3- Yard Lighting
4- Periphery Lighting
5- Signage Lighting

Note: Standard essential accessories offered with streetlight poles. Foundation bolts, anchor plate & template

High mast lighting

High mast lighting as a concept in area lighting is being preferred over conventional lighting, especially where large areas are to be illuminated without the need for numerous lighting columns, that under certain circumstances, can be a hazard to movement. This is possible because the high mast lighting system achieves very large space to height ratios.


Our high mast is a continuously tapered, polygonal cross section of at least 20 sides, presenting a good and pleasing appearance ,Masts are in two sections for 16 & 20 Mtr. and in three sections for 25 & 30 Mtr. heights having only longitudinal weld .

Door Opening

An adequate door opening is provided at the base of the mast. The opening is such that it permits clear access to equipment’s like winch, cable, wire rope, plug & socket etc. and also facilitates easy removal of the winch for servicing.


The high mast is provided with accessories as per customer requirements.


Suitable for use in open areas, airports, railway stations, road junctions, container yards, etc.